Praise for HE MUST LIKE YOU:

 “There are few writers of any stripe capable of tackling important, tough topics with as much grace, heart, humor, and righteous fury as Danielle Younge-Ullman, and nowhere is that more abundantly on display than in HE MUST LIKE YOU. This is a must-read.”—Jeff Zentner, Morris Award-winning author of THE SERPENT KING

“This novel opens a much-needed conversation about consent, boldly addressing personal and professional assault in an empowering, engrossing read. A must for young women.”—Lori Goldstein, author of SCREEN QUEENS

“Inspired by the well-intentioned but demeaning title phrase that girls hear when boys mistreat them, Younge-Ullman has produced a spot-on story that educates and illuminates the gray areas of sexual consent. Libby’s experiences with the adult offender are textbook examples of the indignities women have suffered in public and in private, and her male friends’ reactions speak volumes. Realistic fiction with lessons for all.”—Booklist

“The novel takes on the topic of nonconsent and how deeply it is baked into male-female interactions in American society, a subject as fraught as things can get.” —Kirkus Reviews

“[C]andidly considers rape culture and consent.” —Publishers Weekly

“This is a must-read novel for every teenage girl – and guy for that matter.” —Highly Recommended, CM Reviews

“Intense, upsetting, and all too real, this smart book will inspire deep discussions.” —School Library Journal

“On point and necessary…an important issue book that addresses rape culture and workplace harassment.” —Quill & Quire

“An emotional and provocative story about consent, sexual harassment, and the struggle that women, and not just teens, face in the workplace.” —Booknews

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